Swing To The Right – Utopia


Lyrics Swing To The Right – Utopia

Swing to the right
Try to face the fact that i ain’t that young no more
Hair’s short again and a suit is in,
Better brush up on how to tie a windsor knot
Swing to the right
Credit’s hard to find and a dollar doesn’t go so far
What’s more important when the count comes in
A sell-out who’s alive or a corpse that can’t be bought?

Stop the hand of time
Think i see a sign
Tables turning ’round
Hear a different sound
Stop the hands of time
Looking out for mine

Swing to the right
Don’t want to hear what the povertous expect from me
Let ’em eat cake if they feel that way
I gotta work why should i have to pay for that?
And i don’t want to be left holding the bag for them
‘scuze me for living but i have to say,
I’ve got some worries of my own, like staying fat

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